Costelão Puro Malte

Costelão Puro Malte

What do you do in 12 hours of your day?
We make the rib.
A completely handmade process that takes a total of about 20 hours. Too long, right?

How is the rib made?

Our beef rib, the flagship of Puro Malte, is made with zeal, care and a lot of flavor, in order to provide our customers with tasting and sensory experiences.

And there’s more !!!

It is marinated for hours, in a mixture of spices from the house, then it is transported to a boiler and remains there for a few more hours, and finally for the “gran finale” it is taken to the wood oven at a controlled temperature for a few more hours. .

This slow process and totally thought of in detail, makes ribs one of our specialities and our best selling dish.

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