A great way to promote your business is to drive customers directly from your website to your Postmates store. To make this clear and simple for your website’s visitors, we offer pre-designed call-to-action buttons and social icons.

Adding a button to your website

To add a link to your Postmates store, you’ll need two things: the direct URL for your Postmates store and an HTML code snippet from the list below. No need to download the images – just insert ‘Your Postmates Store URL’  into the HTML below for the badge you prefer.

To adjust the size of the images, change the value of the width attribute where the code says “200px”.

Need assistance with your merchant badge or finding your direct URL? Send us a General Help request with “Merchant Badge” in the subject line.  We can provide you with the links and buttons to connect your website directly with Postmates.com. For any issues that arise with your specific website platform, we suggest reaching out to your website administrator.

Just want to add the image? Download our button icons by  clicking this link.

You can find sample social posts to use when sharing your store’s link in this article.

Choose the badge you prefer, and copy the HTML code below it to your website.

Still can’t find what you need?