Postmates gift cards are a simple way to send a friend a code that treats them to anything in their city. The gift cards are sent via email and you can choose what value to tie to the code – $25, $50, $100, or $200.

Visit to get started.

How do I redeem my Postmates Gift Card?

  1. In your gift card email find the redemption code.
  2. Copy and paste that code and enter it just like you would a promo code or friend referral code.
  3. In the Postmates app you can enter the code on the “Add Promo Code” page or at the checkout page.
  4. On the web you can enter your code at the checkout page right before hitting the Get It Now button.

Does my gift card ever expire?

  • Once a gift card has been added to a Postmates account, the funds on it will never expire.

What can I buy with my gift card?

  • Gift cards cover the cost of the goods in your basket and delivery fees.

Can I use my gift card to add a tip?

  • Postmates Gift Card do not cover tips.

How can I see the remaining balance on my Gift Card?

  • Unfortunately, there is not a way to check your remaining balance on your gift card, however, the amount of your discount can be seen at checkout based on how much is left on the gift card.

How do I purchase and send a Postmates gift card?

You can purchase and send a gift card to anyone with an email address, here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button “Send Gift Card”
  3. Pick your card style, amount, and fill out your recipient information.
  4. Enter your credit card info and click “Buy Gift Card” to finalize purchase.
  5. We’ll immediately send the gift card by email, and the recipient can easily add it to their Postmates account.

For information please see our Gift Card Terms.

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