Sometimes, after an order is placed, the cost of the items is slightly different than what you were quoted.

At Postmates’ core is the promise to deliver you almost anything from anywhere. We’re currently fulfilling over 1 million deliveries from over 50,000 merchants per month. For the vast majority of these places you can select items from a catalog, but we also allow you to order via our custom order field, so you can request items from a store with no catalog in the app. We offer this so you have the greatest amount of choices possible.

Given the openness of the platform, we don’t have partnerships and set pricing in place with all merchants.

In the Anywhere product (orders from the Anywhere tab and merchants who aren’t part of our Plus program), we mark all orders as “estimates”—that’s because there is always a chance the price will change slightly due to various factors. We take updating inventory very seriously and work hard to make sure prices listed are the most current possible, however, a merchant might change their prices, there may be taxes involved that we aren’t able to calculate, or the merchant might charge for extras at the point of check out.

This is why the total we show you at the checkout is marked as an Estimate and may change. However, even if an item price changes, you will only ever pay what the merchant charges you. Never more, and we never mark up our prices. We also never change our delivery fee after an order is placed.

In the Plus product (orders from the Plus tab and merchants we are deeply integrated with), over 3,000 Plus partners are integrated directly with the Postmates Order app to provide “price-authority”. That means you pay exactly what’s shown at checkout, every time

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