We want to make sure every Postmates experience is simple, fast, and easy. In order for that to be true for everyone who uses our service, we need to free up our Postmates for other orders if they’re waiting too long at a delivery address.

After picking up your order, your Postmate will head to the delivery address that was entered during checkout. At this point, you can call or text your Postmate directly through the app. As your Postmate arrives at your delivery address, we will notify you of their arrival in the app and with a push notification to your device.

Upon arrival, your Postmate will do the following:

  • If you’ve entered any special delivery instructions, your Postmate will check these and follow them accordingly.
  • If your Postmate is unable to locate you, or is having difficulties entering your building, they will send you text message or give you a call. The text or call will be sent to the phone number you provided at checkout.
  • Your Postmate will wait at the delivery address and attempt to get a hold of you for a period of 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes they’re unable to get in touch with you, they will leave your location and move on to their next delivery.

In the event that your Postmate is unable to reach you after 5 minutes, you will be charged the full amount for your order, including the delivery fee. Since your order was already placed and paid for, we need to reimburse the merchant and compensate the Postmate for their time.

If your Postmate went to the wrong address, please double-check your delivery address and phone number on the checkout screen before confirming your order.  Keep in mind, once a delivery is placed and in process, we cannot change the delivery address.

Didn’t hear from us?

  • Enable push notifications on your mobile device:
      • iOS: System Preferences » Notifications » Postmates
      • Android: Settings » Sound and Notification » App Notifications » Postmates
  • Click here to update your information:
      • Confirm your mobile phone number and email are updated
      • Add or remove your delivery address(es)

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