The Mission

Revolutionize the delivery service using technology to facilitate the lives of our clients, offering first world convenience at an affordable price.

The Vision

Be the industry leader for delivery services, being a company renown for dynamism, innovation, quality and excellence.


Focus on the Customer

We hold our customers as partners and concentrate on attending to their interests and necessities, working relentlessly to satisfy them daily.


For us, 2+2=5! We believe that the group is greater than the sum of its parts and we are aware that the coordination of the collective precedes positive results.


We implement the best industry practices and solutions so as to always provide high quality service.

Dynamism and Excellency

We invest in capable and effective people who are not afraid to fail. We are committed to our goals and develop the prognostic skills to achieve them with determination and precision.

Security and Reliability

We follow the principles of integrity and ethics in the relationships we establish with all of our stakeholders. We acknowledge the confidence and preference deposited in us by our partners and customers and we work intensely to exceed their expectations.

Social Responsibility

We are focused on the communities in which operate and we want to participate in the change and evolution of those same communities. For that reason, we have created a program that will be able to overcome those necessities, involving the community directly through technology, in a simple and transparent donation system.

About Us

TUPUCA SA is the first online platform for e-commerce and delivery in Angola, where the best stores of various segments are concentrated, allowing users to place orders in the various stores in a practical, secure and convenient way.
Tupuca was built by a passionate team of four young dreamers, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, operations and growth specialists Erickson Mvezi, Wilson Ganga, Patrice Espírito Santo and Sydney Teixeira. In 2015 they brought to Angola an idea of local solutions for home delivery of meals, household utensils, pharmaceutical products, among others.

With TUPUCA the customer has a unique experience, reduced operating costs, greater range of services and a service based on safety in each delivery.