We know that sometimes things change and you need to cancel your delivery.  We understand.  Below is our cancellation policy to help you decide how you would like to proceed:

We haven’t placed the order yet and the Postmate hasn’t arrived at the merchant yet?  

No problem!  You can cancel the order directly through the app at no charge to you.

The order has been placed and the Postmate is on the way to pick it up?

Since we will have to pay the merchant and pay the Postmate for their time, you’ll pay for the items and a cancelation fee to cover the cost. Since the service was not completed, you won’t pay the Delivery Fee or the Service Fee.

The order has been ordered, picked up, and is on it’s way to you?  

We will need to charge you the full price for the delivery at this point which includes the items, the Delivery Fee, and the Service Fee.

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